Thursday, June 28, 2012

Price List

This is a general guide for unframed work. Prices vary within a size because of which support is used [paper, canvas, panel..], intention, medium, length of time in the execution and date of completion.
Shipping costs are negotiable. True 'daily' paintings will usually be priced less. Returns gladly accepted within two weeks with full refund. Payments are possible.

6x6 $100-$150
10x8 $200-$300
12x9 $250-$400
12x12 $450-$700
14x11 $400-$600
20x16 $800-$1000
20x20 $900-$1100
24x18 $900-$1100
20x26 $950-$1300
24x24 $1200-$1400
30x22 $1300-$1500
30x30 $1800-$2300
40x30 $2000-$2500
36x36 $2400-$2600
48x36 $2800-$3200
18x60 $2500-$3000
48x48 $3800-4300
36x60 $4000-4400
60x48 $4400-4700

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